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Peg McPhedran

BSc(Kin), BEd, MEd, RHN, RYT500, HLC1, CSIA2

I support those who desire change in their lives and in their health by educating and facilitating experiences that will empower them to take sustainable actions which will enable them to create lives that are happy, healthy and purposeful—because that’s what I want too!

Take ACTION TODAY to create who YOU want to BE!

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Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Life Mentoring

In Life Mentoring you commit to a series of sessions that include meditation, yoga and lifestyle education to create new ways to empower yourself toward awareness and action-producing changes in your life!


Peg’s Posts

Programs, Yoga Therapy and expert advice for a healthy life

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As you may know I love to ski and teach skiing! A few years ago, I developed a program which I call Skiing with Mindfulness for HPSC, which

30 Day Challenge!

Why do we ski and how can we get better? While I’m sure we all enjoy the fresh air, physical exercise and camaraderie of skiing with good friends,

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A great way to use leftover roasted veggies, just add your favourite greens, a source of protein, some dressing, and enjoy! Today I had this for breakfast, but

Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Everyday we are making food and beverage choices that influence the health of our minds and bodies.