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Learn how simple changes in how you select and prepare your food can help you to: Retrain your taste buds. Feel great energy. Defy your age. Set exciting new goals aligned with your active lifestyle. Keep your mind as sharp as a tack!

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Everyday we are making food and beverage choices that influence the health of our minds and bodies.


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Paleo Georgian Bay Fish Tacos!

A paleo twist on a fresh summer treat! But lots of options to suit your flavour and food choices. I purchased various supplies at the Collingwood Market: fresh

30 Days of Meditation

There’s something about months with 30 days (September, April, November … and June!) that reminds me of the prevailing notion that it takes 30 days of practice to

Skiing with MIndfulness

As you may know I love to ski and teach skiing! A few years ago, I developed a program which I call Skiing with Mindfulness for HPSC, which

30 Day Challenge!

Why do we ski and how can we get better? While I’m sure we all enjoy the fresh air, physical exercise and camaraderie of skiing with good friends,

Phoenix Rising Life Mentoring

In Life Mentoring you commit to a series of sessions that include meditation, yoga and lifestyle education to create new ways to empower yourself toward awareness and action-producing changes in your life!