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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Essentials is a two-day experiential program that introduces the Phoenix Rising Method, which combines yoga and meditation to cultivate a deep sense of presence and self-awareness.

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Phoenix Rising Life Mentoring

In Life Mentoring you commit to a series of sessions that include meditation, yoga and lifestyle education to create new ways to empower yourself toward awareness and action-producing changes in your life!


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My Own Experience is My Highest Teacher

Wisdom I received in today’s morning meditation on how important it is to trust my own experience: My own experience is my highest teacher. No matter what others

Paleo Georgian Bay Fish Tacos!

A paleo twist on a fresh summer treat! But lots of options to suit your flavour and food choices. I purchased various supplies at the Collingwood Market: fresh

30 Days of Meditation

There’s something about months with 30 days (September, April, November … and June!) that reminds me of the prevailing notion that it takes 30 days of practice to

Skiing with MIndfulness

As you may know I love to ski and teach skiing! A few years ago, I developed a program which I call Skiing with Mindfulness for HPSC, which

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching and Culinary Nutrition Workshops

Everyday we are making food and beverage choices that influence the health of our minds and bodies.