Why do we ski and how can we get better? While I’m sure we all enjoy the fresh air, physical exercise and camaraderie of skiing with good friends, if we want to improve to master more interesting and challenging terrain (and maybe advance to the next Step) there’s no getting around it: skiing is a sport, skiers are (or should consider themselves) athletes and it’s not enough to just ski occasionally without also training your body off the hill.

Enter the 30-Day Squat and Plank Challenge! To make it simple, we will start with 20 seconds of plank and 50 squats, working up to 300 seconds (5 minutes) and 250 squats. If you’re already doing them, this may not be enough so you can scale it up as appropriate BUT resist the urge to start too high, too soon, because the numbers will increase quickly! And make sure to take the Rest Days to recover—meaning no planks or squats—but you can still ski! You can’t use time as an excuse because this really doesn’t take long. Schedule it for the morning before the day gets away from you! You can consider it in addition to, or a part of, your regular exercise routine. You can supplement it with a warm-up, plus a variety of cardio, more weights, yoga and skiing! And if this seems too simple, I will be suggesting variations to ramp it up as we go – plank variations like forearm planks, side planks, up and down planks plus squat variations including weights or kettlebells. See the daily progression chart attached.

Starts January 2nd through to the end of the month.

Who’s with me?