A Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga 8-Week Experience: a Proven and Effective Program

Your situation
Do you sometimes feel that your life is spinning too fast? That you have too much stress in your life? That you’ve tried various coping methods without success and you don’t know what else to do?
You don’t need more of the same. You need to reconnect with yourself and renew your life.
How? Just show up for this 8-week Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Experience!

Your Solution
This 8-week Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga program will:
• Change how you relate to and experience stress in your life.
• Help you develop a more meaningful relationship with your body.
• Get you in touch with your emotions.
• Reveal how to live from your truth.
• Help you gain appreciation of each new day.

The result? Your life becomes a life renewed and with more connection to your true self!
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For more information click the image above to watch the short video at the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Website or read the Profound Presence pdf document.