Warm Roasted Veggie Salad


A great way to use leftover roasted veggies, just add your favourite greens, a source of protein, some dressing, and enjoy! Today I had this for breakfast, but it works for any meal. Ingredients: 3/4

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How To Navigate A Long Weekend and Still Eat Healthy Food


It’s one thing to follow a healthy, clean eating and lifestyle plan on regular weekdays, it’s something else once the weekend comes. Especially a long weekend. Especially one where you’re invited away from home with

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Eat Real Food, Feel Better Now!


If you’re struggling with lack of energy, stress or poor sleep; if you're too tired to work out or feeling uncomfortable in your body, then a major first step may be to clean up your

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6 Steps to Start Meditating Today!


Meditation is about sitting in silence with yourself, focusing inward and releasing the outside distractions of the day and your life. Be present and notice whatever comes up: your thoughts, any emotions, how your body

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PRYT Profound Presence


"Phoenix Rising Therapists are really present with their clients and we create a space where they can be listened to." Click to read more about the Profound Presence of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.....

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Overcoming Sugar and Carb Addictions


Overcoming Sugar and Carb Addictions - An 8-week Program of Yoga, Meditation and Nutrition Here’s How To End Unhealthy Sugar and Carb Cravings, Reduce Stress in Your Life, And Increase Your Energy! Are you struggling with

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Welcome to Peg McPhedran RHN RYT


Peg McPhedran RHN RYT is dedicated to helping people in their search for personal growth and understanding as they seek to create more healthy, fulfilling lives. My work is all about supporting clients as they move through

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