Skiing with MIndfulness


As you may know I love to ski and teach skiing! A few years ago, I developed a program which I call Skiing with Mindfulness for HPSC, which has been growing in popularity since then.

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Spring 2018: Gentle Yoga & Meditation Program


Have you been wanting to try or get back to Yoga?   Would you like to learn how to Meditate?   Do you need to practice life-giving Breathwork? Join me for a Yoga, Meditation and

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Eat Real Food, Feel Better Now!


If you’re struggling with lack of energy, stress or poor sleep; if you're too tired to work out or feeling uncomfortable in your body, then a major first step may be to clean up your

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PRYT Profound Presence


"Phoenix Rising Therapists are really present with their clients and we create a space where they can be listened to." Click to read more about the Profound Presence of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.....

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Overcoming Sugar and Carb Addictions


Overcoming Sugar and Carb Addictions - An 8-week Program of Yoga, Meditation and Nutrition Here’s How To End Unhealthy Sugar and Carb Cravings, Reduce Stress in Your Life, And Increase Your Energy! Are you struggling with

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