Reconnect and Renew – 1 to 1 Real Food Program

Designed Just for you!

While group programs are a great way to learn about many Nutrition and Lifestyle strategies, sometimes what works best is one-to-one coaching with an expert to get an individual assessment of what’s happening with you right now, and then to be able to determine and implement exactly what you need to be healthy.

In advance of our first Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching session, I will send you some forms to complete and return before we get together. These include:

  • An Intake Form to capture your health history and goals
  • A questionnaire that asks about your eating habits, lifestyle factors and symptoms that you may be experiencing
  • A food log so I can see the types of foods you are currently consuming plus other indicators in eating patterns.
    NOTE: Please eat as you normally would during this time so we have a clear starting point!

During our initial session, we will review and talk in depth about the information in these forms. I will make recommendations to get you started on meeting your goals and we’ll discuss the plan for moving forward.  We will also talk about your lifestyle and the causes of stress you may have in your life. And we can talk about which of my other services you might wish to choose.

heath-wellbeing-top1At our second session, I will provide you with additional food and supplement recommendations designed for you.  We will also spend additional time setting goals and determining appropriate action steps.  In additional follow-up sessions, we will monitor the program, discuss additional food and lifestyle strategies and make any needed adjustments to help keep you on track and between meetings.  If you have questions, give me a call or send me an email. As your Coach, I’m here to provide you with support and education throughout the process. Taking a natural approach requires commitment and some changes to your current routine, but in the end it is much more effective, long-lasting and economical than quick-fix schemes.

It is important to note that it does not have to be all or nothing! In fact, it’s often helpful to take your time to establish a solid foundation that you can continue to build upon as time goes on. This way you can incorporate new foods, recipes, physical activity and stress management techniques in ways that are manageable and become a regular part of your life instead of being overwhelming burdens.

Reconnect and Renew – 1 to 1 Real Food Nutrition Package: $499

Call for a complimentary 15 minute consultation (via phone or online)

Reconnect and Renew Package Includes: 

1. Initial Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Session – 90 – 120 minutes

  • Review of assessment forms (completed before the session), discussion
  • Program Guidebook – deciding where to begin and how to prepare for change
  • Includes Introduction to Meditation
  • Choosing First Steps

2. Second Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Session – 60 – 90 minutes

  • Outline of specific food and lifestyle plan, discussion
  • Goal setting and decision making
  • Meditation

3. Follow-up – Three Coaching Check-ins – 60 minutes

  • Refining food and lifestyle plan, discussion
  • Meditation

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Sessions include meditation but do not include actual PRYT yoga therapy.

All Consultations may be in person or online via a secure Zoom site.

What’s next?  After your initial Reconnect and Renew Package, you can book a Continuation Package, Five Coaching Check-ins, 60 minutes each: $399

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