8 Week “Get Your Life Back” HFLC Program

for Women over 50 who are tired of being told they are “just getting old.”

Nutrition and Lifestyle Group Program

Having trouble with memory?   Forgetting people’s names?

Feeling a lack of energy to do the things you used to do?   Suffering achy joints?

Tired of being a slave to your sugar (and wine) cravings?

You are not alone, but it is NOT inevitable!

It is NOT a natural expectation of aging.

“Get Your Life Back” HFLC Program

is an 8-week group program of Nutritious Food and Lifestyle Habits

that will introduce you to healthy choices that will have you feeling better before you know it!

Did you know that many people are biochemically more suited to be fat-burners,

rather than to eating the high carbohydrate, processed food diets we’ve become accustomed to?

That’s why you should try this High-Fat Low-Carb

“Get Your Life Back” Program

Improve Memory.  Get More Energy.  Reduce Pain and Discomfort.

Crush your Sugar Cravings.  Feel Better in Your Body!

The human body is marvellously complex and intricate organism, consisting of many interrelated systems. These include:


  • An immune system that seeks to deal with any and all invaders (harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins, etc.);
  • Multiple systems (hormonal, circulatory, nervous) that seek to keep all forms of communication and transportation within the body working efficiently; and
  • Organs of elimination and detoxification (digestive, liver, kidney, lymphatic, skin, respiratory, etc.) that seek to remove all waste products.

The body functions at it’s best when clean, healthy raw materials (food and water!) are ingested, digested and absorbed on a regular basis, and toxins and wastes are eliminated, allowing the body to inherently keep itself in a state of balance. It will also try to bring itself back into balance as needed—until the toxins exceed this natural process and lead to physical, mental and spiritual symptoms of dis-ease.

Give yourself and your body the gift of Health and Vitality

Learn how to plan, prepare and eat whole, high quality, fresh and nutrient-dense Real Food that will increase your energy, sharpen your memory and have you feeling younger.

Learn the importance of eating protein, fat and fibre (think of a rainbow variety of veggies) at every meal and snack, as this will balance blood sugar and help reduce cravings – let veggies be the main attraction with everything else taking the role of “condiments.”

This is “Plant-Rich” eating suitable for Raw/Vegan through to Paleo/Keto meal plans

Minimize or avoid “pseudo” foods (such as processed grains, dairy, refined sugar, oils, alcohol, etc.), which can drain your energy, unbalance various systems and stagnate your digestion.  This includes anything in packages with chemical names you can’t even pronounce!

Set the stage for good digestion – eat slowly, mindfully and with lots of chewing.

Use the practice of meal planning to experiment and expand your repertoire of recipes and ingredients that you enjoy.

Develop new habits and lifestyle choices like great sleep, moving your body often and in a variety of ways, developing stronger connections with family, loved ones and community, cleaning up your environment, plus de-stressing techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, positive attitude and self-care that will support and empower you to choose to live the life you want!

Next program begins Spring 2020

Further details coming soon!

Or if you would prefer to experience this program as a Private 1 on 1 experience, to suit your schedule, click here.