Culinary Nutrition Workshops

The “Just Eat Real Food” Culinary Nutrition Workshops:

  • Are designed to teach the power of eating a whole foods diet, with particular attention paid to avoiding foods that harm, and including foods that may heal.
  • Based on the principle that eating whole, high quality, fresh and nutrient-dense Real Food will go a long way to alleviating many of the symptoms of today’s chronic ailments, this workshop will demonstrate meal planning and food prep using a selection of plant-based recipes, with both vegetarian and meat-based options available.
  • Demonstrate and serve a 6 Dish Menu that encompasses a variety of Real Food recipes designed to demonstrate the ease and deliciousness of eating Real Food; and have you rethinking your approach to food selection, menu planning and recipe preparation, and to take that first step towards healing with food.

Host Your Own Workshop: 7 Days to Get the Sugar Out!

  • Host 8 – 10 friends for a “7 Days to Get the Sugar Out!” workshop in your own kitchen!
  • Learn how simple changes in how you select and prepare your food can help you to: Retrain your taste buds. Feel great energy. Defy your age. Set exciting new goals aligned with your active lifestyle. Keep your mind as sharp as a tack!

CONTACT PEG for further information and to book your workshop

Workshop and Dinner: $400 for up to 8 people

Includes: Workshop and a 4-course meal with delicious, sugar-free, Real Food recipes; where possible, food will be fresh, local, and organic.  Also includes Workshop Notes plus the “7 Days to Get the Sugar Out!” Meal Plan, Prep Guide and Shopping List, a 20+ Recipe eBook (delivered electronically), so you will be able to recreate delicious Real Food at home!

PLUS: Guided 7-day Facebook Challenge!

Key Takeaways for Participants:

  1. Learn how and why you should avoid the Gruesome Twosome: Sugar and Processed Carbs, which can cause blood sugar fluctuations, irritate the gut, set up an autoimmune/inflammatory response in the body and lead to many symptoms of today’s chronic ailments.
  2. Learn to plan, prepare and eat delicious whole, high quality, fresh and nutrient-dense Real Food that will increase your energy, sharpen your memory and have you feeling younger.
  3. Make all your meals Plant-Rich!  Emphasize a variety of veggies as the main feature at each meal – then add clean proteins (your choice of vegetarian or meat and fish), healthy fats and fruits, as “condiments” to your veggies.  Healthy options: Plant Rich Vegan/Vegetarian, Plant-Rich Mediterranean, Plant-Rich Paleo/Keto.
  4. Think protein, fat and fibre at every meal and snack, as this will balance blood sugar and help reduce cravings.
  5. 7-Day Meal Plan, Shopping Guide, Prep Guide and 20+ Recipes you can prepare and enjoy at home!

Plus a 7-day Guided Facebook Group Challenge!

Whatever your health issues and symptoms, reducing or eliminating Sugar and Processed Carbs from your diet will change the way you feel!


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Would you like to host your own Culinary Nutrition Workshop, in your own home, for friends and family?  Choose from a selection of topics.

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Are you passionate about Real Food?

Would you like to learn more about how to prepare food that supports the health of your family and friends, and perhaps taking this love of food and wellness out to your community?   If so, consider enrolling in the Culinary Nutrition Expert training program, offered by Meghan Telpner and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.  It’s all online and in your own kitchen.  This is the program I took and I recommend it highly!  Click here:  Culinary Nutrition Training