Often as I sit in the morning for meditation, I’m not sure what form it will take.  This morning, the only one that seemed appropriate was a Loving Kindness Meditation, where we offer positive energy to others, through a repeated series of statements.   And like all affirmations, you don’t have to believe them to be true, for your words and thoughts to still have energetic power.

If you are not familar with a Loving Kindness Meditation, you begin by wishing each of these affirmations to yourself and those close to you, then expand the offering to larger and larger groups.  Like a pebble dropped into a pond, sending ever-widening ripples out to slowly encompass the entire pond.  And who you offer this to in each repetition is flexible and your choice.  For example you may begin with offering this to yourself (“May I be …”).  Then repeat them for your family and friends (“May you be …”).  Then your community and country (“May we be …”).  Then all humanity the world over (“May we all be …”).  And I like to end with all living beings plus Mother Earth who supports and provides for us all (“May we all be …”).  For each round of the meditation, imagine your recipient, and imagine yourself sending these positive wishes (energy) out to them.

The statements you say can vary, but these are ones I like.  If in a group, one person can lead everyone else.  If alone, speak them aloud or use your inside voice.  Pause after each statement to breath and allow the words to resonate.  Begin and end your meditation session with a few deep, belly breaths.  And take your time to fully notice and appreciate your experience.

Please share far and wide.