Peg’s Lifestyle Reset …

Real Food and Lifestyle Essentials

for those who want to Reset their lives and their health

and become Radiant and Resilient!

Are you developing more aches and pains?  Having trouble with memory and forgetting people’s names?  Feeling a lack of energy to do the things you used to do? Does your health seem to be in a downward spiral?

You are not alone, but it is NOT inevitable!

It does NOT need to be a natural expectation of aging.

We hear about some people in remote communities living well and with great health to past 100 years of age.  What is their secret?  Do you need to move there?  What if you could recreate their lifestyle in your own community?

You CAN!

As we age, and start to feel the effects of it such as aches and pains, brain fog, less energy … through to chronic health issues like heart disease, diabetes and dementia, we start to wonder if it is all just inevitable:

  • Is it just genetics?
  • Will “luck” determine the future of my health?


  • Do the choices I make in my day-to-day life allow me to influence my future?
  • Can I protect myself from ill-health?
  • Can I practice the factors that will build my resilience … and do I practice them daily?


Research shows that the answer is “Yes!”

The choices we make, particularly our food and lifestyle decisions, can have a profound influence on protecting us from dis-ease as we age.

I can help!

I support and empower those who desire to change their lives by taking control, by making healthy food and lifestyle choices, by practising sustainable habits that create a future that is happy, healthy and purposeful—because that’s what I want too!

We can “roll back the clock” and regain our health, energy, memory and zest for life!

Top 6 Real Food and Lifestyle Habits that Build Resilience

Learn how to defy your age, tap into great energy, improve your memory and create an active lifestyle!

  1. Just Eat Real Food!

  2. Manage your Stress through Meditation and Self Care

  3. Move your body as much as you are able

  4. Sleep! Rest, restore, heal and rejuvenate!

  5. Detox your Environment

  6. Connect with Your Community

Unsure how to make the changes to adopt these proven healthy habits?

I offer these services:  And all services are currently being offered ONLINE

  • Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Education and Coaching
  • Culinary Nutrition Workshops
  • Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation
  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Life Mentoring and Groups

These services will support you to adopt these healthy habits and may allow you to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Make healthier food and lifestyle choices
  • Add regular exercise to your repertoire
  • Overcome obstacles to improved health
  • Deepen your connection with yourself
  • Improve relationships
  • Experience a more balanced and fulfilling life

“Ideas without action are meaningless.”           ~ Helen Keller

Take ACTION today!

Contact me for a free consultation to see how.